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Maintenance and Equipment

Looking after your investment

Ensuring you are able to really enjoy your pool and make the most of your investment is, quite simply, a question of regular maintenance.

Weekly or monthly maintenance contracts

You may choose to retain our services on a weekly or monthly contract basis to provide that maintenance. We routinely check the water chemical balance, replenish supplies, brief you about any ongoing maintenance required and generally ensure the pool is in pristine condition for when you are ready to use it.

Alternatively, you may decide to take care of your own pool maintenance. Once we have shown you the ropes we are sure you will be confident about what needs to be done - and of course should you have any questions, we are simply a phone call away. And, should your circumstances change, we are happy to adjust the service we provide to you.

Off the shelf consumables and spare parts

As the proud owner of your own pool, there's nothing worse than needing consumables, or a new part, only to have to wait for it to be ordered and delivered. At the Pool Shop, we stock an extensive range of consumables and spare parts at our base in Shepreth, near Cambridge - with most items on site and ready for immediate collection.

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